Exploring Abandoned Solvay Coke and Gas | Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Solvay Coke and Gas is weirdly inviting for a 44-acre site of crumbling architectural decay. The single “No Trespassing” sign feels half-hearted and while there is a partial fence (with no barbed wire), there’s also a break large enough that I could have driven my car through it. The plant and the grounds it … More Exploring Abandoned Solvay Coke and Gas | Milwaukee, WI

Abandoned Goodbyes | Washington Island, WI

This is going to be a weird little month full of a lot of goodbyes. There are some easy ones, like finally letting go of the hundreds of books I’ve been clinging to for years, and some really difficult ones that are already breaking my heart. But. In the very abstract, it does remind me of wandering through the woods of Washington Island last summer, hoping to stumble across abandoned junk. … More Abandoned Goodbyes | Washington Island, WI